8 Categories of Ideas for Homemade Items that Will Do Well at Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ Markets are lots of fun and offer a great day out for both vendors and customers. They are no longer only a market for fresh produce. You can find so many interesting and new things at these markets. If you are a vendor or want to become one, the best way to be successful is to be creative and make things yourself. The ideas are endless and you can have a lot of fun creating and experimenting.

Look at our ideas and decide which ones you would like to try. Maybe our ideas can inspire some new and unique ones for you.

1. Crafts – Ideas overload! Between Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter you will find inspiration for some arts and crafts that you can make yourself. Homemade crafts are always a hit at these markets. We have some basic ideas that we hope will inspire you and lead to some ideas of your own.

Jewelry – You can make earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from beads, fabric, wooden objects, rope, thread, etc. Anything that is pretty and unique will sell well.

Clothes – If you are good at sewing, make aprons, baby clothes, scarves, and other unique items.

Art – If you are an artist, sell your drawings, paintings or sculptures.

Toys – Toys made from tin, wood, or recycled items can be very clever and has a lot of selling potential.

Other – Anything from candle holders to quilts will sell well if they are attention catching and unique.

2. Bath products – Bath products like bath salts and bubble bath that are homemade from feel-good ingredients are popular. Beauty products that follow the same idea are also good. Homemade things like lip balm, soaps, hand creams, and masks will draw attention and people will want to try them.

3. Canned goods – Jams, marmalades, fruit, candy, etc. If you make good tasting canned goods, you will make money. People love jams and marmalades for their scones. Chutney, chili sauce, and relishes sell like sweet cakes. Canned fruit and vegetables also do well.

4. Reselling – Items that fit with the homemade idea or cooking can do well with reselling. Items that are vintage like little pill boxes or broaches can do well. Kitchen items like cookie cutters, rolling pins, and décor are also good. Reselling might not be allowed at some markets so make sure to check before you start your planning.

5. Baking – People love the baked goods. Anything baked will sell well. Even the health-conscious customers cannot resist a cupcake or pastry at the farmers’ market. Our suggestions include:

Bread – Bake specialty breads with ingredients that people may not necessarily try. Beer bread, corn bread, berry bread, cinnamon bread, etc.

Cakes and cupcakes – Have cakes and cupcakes with different toppings and themes. Decorate some specifically for kids. Don’t forget the homemade pies.

Cookies and brownies – Have a variety of cookies in different sizes. Everyone loves a brownie but play around with some new ideas. Add a peanut butter topping or something like that.

Candies – Fudge and other candies like peanut brittle are always popular.

6. Food – Farmers’ markets can take hours and all that walking and excitement make people hungry. A stall with made-to-order food for customers will make lots of money. Foods like doughnuts, crepes, tacos, corn dogs and even hot dogs will draw customers. Other things like popcorn, fresh lemonade or juices, and ice cream will top it off.

7. Garden-starter packs – Many people garden to relax and because they love spending time in nature. Gardening has become quite a trend in some places. Create garden-maker starter kits with all the necessary items to get started. The kit can include baskets, vegetable cages, starting trays, stakes, bulbs, and seeds. You can have different types of packs where some can include basic tools like a small shovel and clippers. Other can have gloves and hats and some can even have small amounts of potting soil in a plant holder to get started.

8. Animal related items – People love their pets, and rightfully so. If you have homemade dog and cat outfits, specialty bowls, gourmet biscuits, and interesting toys, people will swarm you. You can even make this a resale stall by buying some interesting items and reselling them at the market.

The opportunities are endless. These are the basic things people tend to sell. The best chance of making good money is, of course, having something completely unique and original. The key is good planning and research.

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