Community Farmers’ Market was created to help out local farmer’s markets. We want to make sure that our local markets get exposure and that our locals support these markets and their vendors. Farmers’ markets have become a wonderful community opportunity and we would like to further this as well. Large numbers of people go out to these markets and see wonderful things. We want it to also involve meeting wonderful people in the community and establishing a strong feeling of friendship.

Our farmers and other market vendors work very hard to get their products ready and out there. We feel that it is part of our responsibility to make sure they get support. These markets are after all their livelihood. Other vendors put in a lot of effort coming up with creative ideas and baking wonderful goods that make the mouth water. They all deserve customers and success. This is our main purpose at Community Farmers Market.

We have a small team that runs this site and we are all involved in the market business in some way or another. We are vendors, market managers, customers, other farmers, and community leaders. All part of a team to support our locals. We have a very strong sense of community and believe that a strong community leads to strong and happy people.

We warmly welcome you to this wonderful site where our focus is the community, local, and supporting our farmers. We hope you enjoy all the wonderful things you will find here. Please come and visit the local markets and support our farmers and other vendors.